Weekly Giveaway (01/20)

“Find out how much God has given you and from it take what you need; the remainder is needed by others.” – St. Augustine

Because I’ve built up a large collection of duplicate books and resources, each week I’m giving away one or more of these items, absolutely free, no strings attached.

You can enter anytime during each week for that week’s giveaway, with a new giveaway beginning each Friday. To see a list of past giveaways, go here.

This week’s giveaway is a copy of Tereso Tomeo’s new book, Extreme Makover: Women Transformed By Christ, Not By Culture. Here’s an excerpt from my recent review:

“Author Meg Meeker claims that “Extreme Makeover will be one of the most significant books for women in the 21st century. It pulls back the curtain on why every woman feels confused and hurt.”

I completely agree with that. Extreme Makeover is the key for young women to unlock the prison of false womanhood–a true guide to feminine freedom. It’s valuable, timely, and should be in the hands of every young woman you know.”

In order to win this week’s giveaway, leave a comment below answering this question:

If you could say one thing to a young woman today, what would it be?

The winning comments will be randomly selected on Friday morning using a random number generator, and the giveaway will be sent out, free-of-charge, shortly thereafter to the three winners.

In the future I’ll be giving away many more books and resources–sometimes multiple items per giveaway. So check back next Friday!

Update: The drawing is closed for the week of Friday, January 20. Congratulations to Robert K for winning this week! Check your e-mail for instructions on receiving the book. If you don’t see an e-mail from me, check your spam box–apparently e-mails with “giveaway” in the subject line often end up there.