Only 7% of your parish is engaged. Here’s how to fix that…

It’s the #1 question most parishes wonder about:

How do we engage our inactive parishioners??

It’s such a big problem. I’m sure you know it.

Studies show that only about 25% of Catholics attend Mass each Sunday.

And only about 7% are actively engaged throughout the week, meaning they show up for parish events, study their faith, join small groups, etc.

Think about your own parish: it’s likely the same 7% of people show up for Mass, serve in the ministries, and participate in the events.

But what about the other 93%? How do we reach THEM?

How do we engage people who are too busy to show up, or simply uninterested? How do we form and evangelize THEM?

It’s a difficult problem and we’ve been working on it for several months at Word on Fire, under the direction of Bishop Robert Barron.

And after tons of research and development, I’m excited to share our new solution:

It’s called Word on Fire ENGAGE.

This innovative new tool JUST launched today, and I think you’ll love it.

It’s a creative way to engage parishioners who aren’t involved, aren’t plugged in, and don’t know much about their faith.

How does it work??

Just watch this video to find out:

I’ve been personally working on this tool for several months, and I’m 100% confident it will help ANY parish.

There’s nothing like it! It’s simple, it’s powerful, and it works.

So if you want to help YOUR parish start engaging more than the typical 7% of parishioners, check it out today:

Learn more >>


PS. Please SHARE this with your pastor, priest, or parish staff, so they can get your parish on board!

PPS. You’ll want to get your parish signed up NOW for two reasons. First, Word on Fire ENGAGE is 100% free during Lent. That alone is worth trying it out. Second, we put together a free Lenten mini-course for you, complete with five short emails/texts and videos from Bishop Barron. You just click one button to schedule and send to your parishioners! It’s a great way to start engaging your parish during Lent–including those who won’t show up for anything else.