YouTube Film School for Catholics

In our digital age, video is key. I wrote before that the average person visits a website for 48 seconds, but if the website has video they stay for almost six minutes!

This has huge ramifications for evangelism. Sure, intelligent prose is necessary. Of course our websites must have beautiful graphics and vibrant colors. But if you want people to connect with the Catholic message, if you want to draw them into the Story, video is key.

A lot of Catholics know how powerful video is, but they’re intimidated by professional groups like Word on Fire and Spirit Juice Studios. They think, “I can’t compete with that, so I might as well not even try.”

Well here’s the good news. Creating great online video is not as hard as you think. And a new apostolate has made it even easier.

Goodness Reigns, a Catholic media apostolate, has formed a free digital film school on YouTube which gives you a ton of advice on how to make and improve your own YouTube videos. They show how making a few simple tweaks to things like audio and lighting can drastically improve your video. They also highlight low-priced equipment that will add a dose of professionalism.

Watch the introduction below, and then check out all the videos at Goodness Reigns Film School on YouTube:

(HT: Tech Tips For Catholics)