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“Find out how much God has given you and from it take what you need; the remainder is needed by others.” – St. Augustine

Since I’ve built up a large collection of extra books and resources, every week I give some away absolutely free, no strings attached.

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This week I’m giving away two J.R.R. Tolkien books including a one-volume edition of his epic Lord of the Rings trilogy and a book I mentioned in yesterday’s post concerning 8 Books on J.R.R. Tolkienโ€™s Catholicism:

The Lord of the Rings (one-volume edition)

by J.R.R. Tolkien

Mariner Books, 1178 pages, paperback
Released on October 12, 2005

Lord of the RingsIn ancient times the Rings of Power were crafted by the Elven-smiths, and Sauron, the Dark Lord, forged the One Ring, filling it with his own power so that he could rule all others. But the One Ring was taken from him, and though he sought it throughout Middle-earth, it remained lost to him. After many ages it fell by chance into the hands of the hobbit Bilbo Baggins.

From Sauron’s fastness in the Dark Tower of Mordor, his power spread far and wide. Sauron gathered all the Great Rings to him, but always he searched for the One Ring that would complete his dominion.

When Bilbo reached his eleventy-first birthday he disappeared, bequeathing to his young cousin Frodo the Ruling Ring and a perilous quest: to journey across Middle-earth, deep into the shadow of the Dark Lord, and destroy the Ring by casting it into the Cracks of Doom.

The Lord of the Rings tells of the great quest undertaken by Frodo and the Fellowship of the Ring: Gandalf the Wizard; the hobbits Merry, Pippin, and Sam; Gimli the Dwarf; Legolas the Elf; Boromir of Gondor; and a tall, mysterious stranger called Strider.

Tolkien: A Celebration

edited by Joseph Pearce

Ignatius Press, 210 pages, paperback
Released on November 1, 2001

Tolkien - A CelebrationTolkien: A Celebration begins and ends with two writers—George Sayer and Walter Hooper—who knew J.R.R. Tolkien well, offering a rare insight into the man behind the myth. Between these delightful memoirs are twelve essays that explore the threads of inspiration and purpose in his major works—The Lord of the Rings, the Silmarillion, and The Hobbit.

The works are examined theologically, philosophically, culturally, ecologically, mystically, and historically, as the various contributors seek to understand the profundity of Tolkienยนs achievement. Above all, these collected essays reveal a writer of inspired creativity and profound spiritual depth.
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  • andHarry

    I was given the Lord of the Rings nearly 40 years ago when I was setting off on a voyage which lasted nearly a month. I read it all, but was not persuaded that it had any theme I could wholeheartedly recommend to a Christian reader, and the interpretations I have since seen by film-makers still leave me unpersuaded. I have reached the stage when I would politely avoid watching it. It is an immense epic with witchcraft, violence, and destruction. Anything of Christian value can only be accessed by the exercise of intellectual ellipsis. I have as many problems with Tolkien’s creation as I have with Victor Hugo’s writing of ‘Les Miserables’.

  • com

    My favorite is Gandolf!

  • Charley

    I do hope to win! More Tolkien has been on my list for awhile now!

  • A Tolkien -one-volume?! AWESOME.

  • A Tolkien 1-volume? AWESOME.

  • My original LOTR collection is falling apart, so it sure would be great to be able to retire it for a while and reread from something less fragile. Thanks for offering such a great selection this week. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Siilentii27

    Gandalf is my favorite!

  • Jenni

    ร‰owyn is my favorite character! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Mister h


  • Holly Gleason-Wise

    I think Boromir, although it’s a tough choice between him and Aragorn!

  • MK

    Favorite LotR character: Legolas. No nuance there – the elves are just amazing.

    Thanks for the giveaway! Came here via Julie D. (Happycatholic).
    -Manny S.

  • LadyofCarmel

    love them all……..love the message most of all

  • mm

    Sam is my fave!

  • Raschelle

    Love your blog and giveaways!

  • Courtney

    Sam, absolutely.

  • Sarah Bradford

    I like Sam! He is the voice of wisdom, encouragement, and strength to Frodo on their journey. What a testament to true friendship and sacrifice.

    “I can’t carry it for you Frodo, but I can carry you!” ๐Ÿ™‚

  • My favorite character is Gandalf ๐Ÿ™‚ He is a source of strength for all the others, and he is someone you just feel like you would want to meet. He is brave – even wizards need that!

  • DavidnSharon Lunt

    Eowyn. She tries so hard to be something else she fails to see the way she can impact the lives of those around her.

  • Stettkt

    my favorite character in lord of the rings would probably be Gandalf the White

  • Sue K

    Thanks for the giveaway! I think Sam is my favorite.

  • Bemused_in_Washington_DC

    I suppose Theoden, too.

  • Bemused_in_Washington_DC

    Thanks, Brandon, this is great. Best, Mike D.

  • Bemused_in_Washington_DC

    Gandalf is my favorite.

  • Sedonafish

    Thanks for this giveaway! My entire family are fans!!!!

  • Hanna

    Gandalf has got to be my favorite!

  • G K

    Gandalf is my favorite.

  • Guest

    I’m in Europe, so will you let me participate if I pay for the shipping? Pretty please?!

  • Pilar Cervantez Dougall

    I like Aragorn

  • Pilar Cervantez Dougall

    I like Aragorn.

  • Renee G

    I like Gandalf.
    [email protected](DOT)com

  • CJ

    I can never get enough of Tolkien. And every time I re-read, or read something on him, it like seeing something almost entirely new. I love watching Bilbo change in The Hobbit, and then from the perspective of the younger hobbits, it LOTR. But I don’t know if I could pick a favourite absolutely. Galadriel would be in the running too.

  • Jim Jose

    Samwise Gamgee and Aragorn, son of Arathorn.

  • Mary H.

    It’s hard to choose only one favorite character. But if I’m limited to one, I guess I’d have to say Sam Gamgee.

  • Marie Marjanac

    My favourite character is Frodo because he is so ordinary and seemingly inadequate as a hero! He puts aside a comfortable life to live a great life. He is prepared to give of himself, ultimately with his life if necessary, to save others. He does not cave in to the temptation of the power of the Ring, shows compassion and forgiveness to Gollum.

  • Jake


  • Julia

    Samwise Gamgee is my favorite

  • Srh_huffman

    Aagorn is probably my favorite character!! Gandolf is a close second though. ๐Ÿ™‚ My favorite part in the books so far was when Frodo gets to the Council of Elrond and all the main characters are introduced! That was epic!!

  • maxaxr


  • Laromy777

    I think very greatly of Tolkien , your reviews are fantastic on the book. Thank you for generosity to me & family in this time of need .

  • Lisa Rickards

    My favorite character is Legolas – I’m all about the Elves.

  • William Barto

    Aragorn is the character whom I most admire. I think that his the most complete characterization in the work.

  • Steven Royse

    Sam is my favorite. What a great friend!

  • Aquinas5

    My favorite character changes depending on what is going on in my life, but Gandalf is still the coolest.

  • John R

    Hope to win – Tolkien’s material is awesome and would love to read more about his Catholic ties. jTr

  • Debbie Bates

    My hubby would be thrilled.

  • B Willett

    Re/discovering Tolkien has become an adventure of its own. Thanks for posting!

  • Eomer is my current favorite. And I would be remiss not to mention Dr. Corey Olsen and his Tolkien Professor Podcast. I thought I understood Tolkien and his works until I listened to this and found so much more depth.

  • Peggy Bowes

    I like Aragorn, especially when portrayed by Viggo Mortensen.

  • Tim Canny

    Count me in!

  • Shall0106

    Sam is my favorite character in Lord of the Rings- Full of faith and hope.

  • Holly

    I’m just in the process of re-reading it for the first time, and I’d have to say that Faramir is my favorite.

  • Mbtm2007

    I have to say that Sam is my favourite character. He craves his simple good life, yet because of his great love for his best friend Frodo as well as his unwavering belief of good triumphing over evil, he is drawn into this grand adventure. The outcome of this adventure is uncertain but he refuses to be left behind. As Frodo and Sam face ever more dangerous and dire turns on their quest, Sam is the rock upon which Frodo leans. At the end of their long and arduous journey, Sam remains Frodo’s protector. Sam keeps plugging along, stalwart and uncomplaining. When they finally return to their beloved Shire, Sam is richly rewarded by returning to his simple life and marrying Rosie.

  • Joseph Reninger

    Sam has to be my favorite.

  • Cam1000


  • Allan Richards


  • Julie D.


  • Barbieahayes

    My favorite character is Gandalf, still, lol. Thank you for the giveaway!

  • Aragorn is my favorite character – particularly in the way he discovers his kingship and takes courage to overcome his human weaknesses, particularly those which his bloodline fell prey to, i.e. the temptations of power.

  • Jason

    Goal for this Summer is to read AT LEAST The Fellowship of the Rings if not all!

  • Pyfwd09

    Thank you for doing the giveaways!!

  • Ceckiz Gzz

    the Peace book is the one that lead me here. Thank you!

  • Harrisonayre


  • Gerald P Baggot

    Wow! I seem to remember that Tolkien composed the first line of “The Hobbit” (There was a hobbit who lived in a hole.) on the front page of an empty final exam paper one of his students turned in, and so I am tempted to say Tolkien is my favorite character. Even that is hilarious. However, my favorite Tolkien character would have to be Bilbo. Adventures come to those who believe!

  • Paul

    My favorite is probably Gimli, Son of Gloin. He is a hard-drinking, hard-fighting, straight-shooter. He says it like it is, always tells the truth, and most importantly you always know where you stand with him. And even those who find him disconcerting eventually become friends due to a common adherence to their values and their shared Quest.

  • Peig

    Have not read the Lord off the Ring series but did purchase them for my grandchildren. Saw the movies and I would have to pick Samwise as he is a true friend who never gives up on Frodo.

  • Teresa Coughlin

    Samwise because he is so loyal and courageous!

  • Michael Lucero

    Never heard of the Celebration book. Very interesting!

  • Kathleen Schmitz

    My favorite character is either Samwise Gamgee (who doesn’t just love that hobbit to pieces?) or Treebeard. Treebeard/Fangorn is so ancient and powerful and sort of reminds me of the ancient Desert Fathers of the early Church. He has such a “holy forgetfulness”, which is probably why he gets along with the child-like hobbits so easily!

  • Conima29

    I’ve never seen any of the LOTR books, and have only seen the Hobbit in theaters. I am so intrigued by these stories! You should give them to me for free ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Bridget

    For me, it’s honestly a toss up between Sam and Faramir. Sam is so faithful, and in my opinion the true hero of the story, while Faramir is just so loyal and noble I can’t help but love him. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Michelle

    Wow, to pick one favorite – I’d have to go with Samwise – like Frodo’s guardian angel ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks for the opportunity!

  • joshbishop

    Aragorn is my favorite character, but I’m also a big fan of Faramir.

  • Fred

    Brandon, since a long time ago I have been wanting to participate at your giveaways, but I have question. Is it just for the US? I’m in Germany

  • Fred

    Brandon, since a long time ago I wanted to participate at your giveaways, but I got a question. Is it just for the US? I’m in Germnay ๐Ÿ™

    • Yeah, sorry Fred. Since I’m covering the shipping costs, only those within the U.S. are eligible.

      • Fred

        Nonetheless, thank you very much for everything you do and for answering my question. Keep the good work!

  • Patradke

    thank you, hope we win.

  • Elaine

    my fav character is Aragorn, but I love Sam to pieces and am also fascinated by Tom Bombadil.

  • Robinanne21


  • Stuart

    Samwise. Hands down.

  • Kevin Cary

    Either Boromir or Faramir, or perhaps their father…

  • Christina P

    Ooh! Excellent! Thanks for the giveaway; I’d really love to see what Pearce has to say.

  • Richard Monteverde

    It is Samwise of course!

  • KyApiarist

    Pearce’s book is on my 2013 reading list.
    Legolas is my favorite character. Love those ears!

  • I think my favorite character would probably have to be Gandalf. He’s always so wise, and his background story as a Valar is really intriguing and cool.

    Thanks for doing this, Brandon!

  • Michael Blissenbach

    Gandalf is my favorite character

  • Michael Blissenbach

    Thanks for your generosity, Brandon!